Top 5 Segway Hoverboards for Sale

Swagway – All around good Segway Hoverboard

After lots of research, I have concluded that the Swagway has the best combination of stability, speed and reliability. Two control sensitivities for beginner and advanced and a smooth and accurate control instruments makes the Swagway one of the best for beginners and more pleasant ride for regulars. Its by no means slow either, boasting up to 10 MPH, but in actual tests, people don’t really get over 7 MPH. and Yes you can get a faster Segway hoverboard for sale, like the Monorover R2, but they’re less stable and harder to control. It also comes with something that most people forget to think about. It comes with a 1 year warranty and a US based support team to back it up.

Monorover r2 – Faster and more powerful

The monorover R2 is for people who want a little more speed. It has more powerful motors than the Swagway, meaning you can accelerate faster and reach higher speeds. There is a trade off though, the Monorover R2 is less stable. Specifically, its harder to break. If you have good balance and want something a little faster, the Monorover is a good choice. If you aren’t confidant in your balance, a Swagway is probably a better option for a kids hoverboard. The speed differences between the two are fairly small, and not super noticeable. If you want something even more powerful, check out the Monorover R2D which can get even faster than the Monorover R2. leyray3Generic Hoverboards from China – Cheapest

Generic hoverboards from China are for people on a budget. They usually range between , $175- $300 which is one of the best prices you can get for a Segway Hoverboard. There can be some drawbacks to these segway hoverboards. They are generally slower, more likely to break and usually have very limited to no customer support or warranties. This is why I dont recommend buying these unless you are tight on cash and really want a segway hoverboard. There are plenty of people who have bought generic hoverboards from chinese sites and had no problems. So if you do buy one, make sure you check the seller out, make sure the seller has good reviews and a decent return policy. When you receive the segway hoverboard, make sure everything is fine. Generic hoverboards from china are a fine choice, you just have to be careful. If the seller has good reviews and allows returns, than you should be fine. But if you have a couple extra $100s, then you should consider a Swagway or Monorover.

Smartboard – Best Looking

This board is for people who want to have a better looking Segway hoverboard than everyone else. Unfortunate, there isn’t much variety in the looks of hoverboards. They all look the same. That’s why the Smartboard really catches your eye when you see it. Its not only different from all the other boards, it looks really cool. Its also fairly new and claims to have fixed many of the problems other old segway hoverboards have been having. Like overheating batteries and it also has extra sensors which other boards don’t have. They also have an in house dedicated repair team and a 1 year warranty.

Overall though I think the main reason I would get this Segway hoverboard is for its looks. I mean that thing looks sleek.

Skque – Plays music and looks good

hoverboard Skque

Now if the Smartboard wasn’t flashy enough for you, then you better check out a Skque hoverhoard. This Segway hoverboard has a unique design including LED accents on both sides and an overall different design than most hoverboards. If that doesnt turn heads, then you can turn on the bluetooth speakers and play your mixtape. (Be careful though to the range of the hoverboard).

There is a trade off though. These boards are slower than some other boards. Probably goes as fast as the average chinese hoverboard you get for $200 (6.2 MPH), but not nearly as fast as say a Monorover R2 (8 MPH) which has two 350w motors apose to two 250w motors.

There you go, there is my top 5 segway hoverboards. I really tried to have something for every person, so read through each and see which one best fits you.

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