Calling the two-wheeled self-balancing scooters that have pop up everywhere ‘hoverboards” has annoyed many people because, well, they don’t hover. How they got the name is beyond me, but it got me thinking, is there a real hoverboard for sale anywhere? I decided to do a little research, and guess what, real hoverboards do exist. Real hoverboards that actually hover and that you can buy, that is if you have a lot of money. Below I will share what I found.

When looking for any real hoverboards for sale, it was sometimes hard to tell if the hoverboard was real or the people behind the project just used some clever camera angles. There are some very convincing fakes out there. Even if it’s not fake, there are many hoverboards which do work but they are not available to the public and have major limitations.

For example, Lexus released an advertisement with a real hoverboard called Slide. It looked really awesome and seemed to act a lot like a skateboard. But there were three major problems with the board. The first was that the board had to be super cooled to work and only worked for a short amount of time. The second was that it only worked a track that was laid underground, so you could only follow a line, no controlling where you went. And of course, the third problem was that it was never released to the public. putting their real hoverboard for sale was never the point and it would probably not have been too successful anyway because of its limitations.

Before the Slide, Hendo also released a hoverboard which also used magnetic fields. It also had many drawbacks because it only works on specially made surfaces and they aren’t really available to the public either. I was beginning to think there was no real hoverboard for sale, that they were all fake or not available to the public. But then I found a company called ArcaSpace. This Mexican-based aerospace company developped the ArcaBoard and according to them the maker of the ‘first commercial hoverboard’. It’s very big, like a kitchen table without legs. It’s also not thin, you would be hard pressed to call it a “board” it’s more like a brick, its a hoverbrick. Providing the power to hover you and the board are 36 high powered fans. It looks really awesome and it was scheduled to go on sale April 15, 2016.

Now you probably want to buy one and I did too until I saw the price – $20,000. I guess that’s what one should have expected from the first real hoverboard for sale to the public. Even if everyone could afford one, you wouldn’t be seeing people commuting with these things anytime soon. They can reach a maximum of 12.5 mph and can only run for 6 minutes max. So unless you’re really rich, you’re probably not going to buy this hoverboard. But look on the good side. The first real hoverboard is about to go on sale.

The first of any new technology is always going to be expensive and clunky. But now the technology exists and hopefully we will be seeing some smaller, more efficient and cheaper hoverboards coming out soon. And by soon I mean in the next 50 years or so. Real hoverboards are not an efficient mode of transportation, major research into hoverboard technologies will always be limited unless there is some major breakthrough in science. I know its probably not what you wanted to hear but at least you live in a time where the first real hoverboards are going on sale.

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