So, Buying a hoverboard can be very exciting, but it is also very expensive, even too expensive for some. This is why many people are turning to cheaper generic hoverboards rather than more expensive brand names to save on costs. If you are one of those people, you must keep in mind that there are more risks involved.

With a higher price, manufacturers are able to use higher quality components, producing a higher quality product. But if the manufacturer is trying to make the cheapest product, they are going to use the cheapest components which can mean less reliability and performance. So if you’re in the market for a cheap hoverboard, I recommended to be careful and looks for the following characteristics when buying your hoverboard. Otherwise, you might regret it.

 Buying from the right Seller

Some might recommend buying from the”right” manufacture, but you rarely buy directly from the manufacturer but rather from resellers. Most sellers buy their hoverboards from the same manufacturers, especially in the case of cheaper hoverboards. So you want to focus on who’s selling rather than who’s making it.

Return Policy and Warranty

It is crucial that you check what sort of return policy and warranty the store you’re buying from offers. A 30-day return policy is the minimum I would be comfortable with. Some higher quality stores also offer 1-year warranties which you should always keep an eye out for.

 Reputation of the seller

Just because they say they accept returns or provide a warranty doesn’t mean they will follow through. I’ve heard many stories of people who received faulty products and when they tried to contact the seller, the seller disappeared and the customer was stuck with a $200 – $500 broken toy. The best way to reduce the chance of this happening is to buy from reputable sellers with good feedback or from a seller who’s selling on a reputable site. You can try contacting the seller before hand and seeing the response time and professionalism.


One of the major problems with cheap hoverboards is that they have a reputation of overheating. This is partly due to cheap and poorly made batteries that are not made to last. The best way prevent this from happening is to buy a UL certified hoverboard such as the Swagatron (which can be found on the right sidebar of our website). But if that’s out of your budget the best thing is to look for brand name batteries such as Samsung or LG. Batteries made by Samsung and LG are higher quality and are said to reduce the chance of overheating.

Final Thoughts

If you follow everything I have said above, you should be happy with your purchase. Thousands, maybe millions of people have bought cheap hoverboards and have been happy with them. But since there is a higher than normal percentage of people who are not happy with their purchase, I decided to write this article to help people avoid the bad hoverboards out there. The most important thing is to make sure you buy from a reputable company that offers return, so if you do get a defective product, it’s not a big deal.

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