The best and Top Hoverboards in 2021/22

What top hoverboard to buy? The most important parameters.

The hoverboard looks a bit like an ordinary skateboard, but unlike it, it is equipped with an electric motor. Most often it is controlled by body movements, but there are also models that can be controlled with a remote control or a smartphone.

Its complicated technology exploits sensors and microprocessors that, thanks to the principle of the physics of dynamic stability, manage to keep the hoverboard in balance giving great stability and safety to the driver.

It is a real technology trinket loved by the youngest and most fashionable around the world, particularly in the US and Asia.
Since it is on the market has invaded the shops and sales have skyrocketed, this is because it is a simple and intuitive to use, safe, environmentally friendly, convenient to carry and economical. Not to mention the challenge that arouses in those who see it on the street and would immediately want one.

It is ideal for both children and adults who can use it during leisure time, but also during work or daily commissions around the city.

We can choose from many models that differ not only in appearance, but also in technical parameters. What hoverboard will meet our requirements? What to pay attention to when buying?

Power – the higher it is, the faster the board will reach and the faster it will accelerate. Remember, however, that a device with high power will drain the battery faster.

Range – tells you how far the board can travel before you need to connect it to the charger again.

Speed – note what maximum speed the device can reach. If you are buying a device for a child, the maximum speed should not exceed 10 km / h.

Charging time – how many hours it will take to fully charge the battery. Ideally, the skateboard should be ready for use in less than two hours.

Maximum load – determines the maximum weight of the skateboard user. Typically, this parameter is quite high and amounts to 120 kg.

Wheels – check what size and material they are made of. Unless you intend to only ride on the pavement, make sure your wheels are bigger and firm. Otherwise, driving over uneven terrain may cause you problems.

Housing – it is important that it is made of durable materials; otherwise the hoverboard will wear out too quickly and will not be fit for use.

Also check how much the hoverboard weighs and whether it will not be too heavy to carry. This is essential, especially if you are buying a board for a child. Ideally, its weight should be within 10 kg. Some models are equipped with additional functions, such as speakers, radio, Bluetooth and MP3 player. Also, take care of your own safety and equip yourself with a helmet, elbow and knee pads. You can read more about them in the article Are pads a must?

Which hoverboard will be the best for you?

For some, the hoverboard will be an alternative means of transport, for others a great toy motivating to spend time outdoors. Although learning to drive will take a long time, because the beginnings are not easy, the effects will certainly be impressive. By skateboarding, we can practice balance and motor coordination.

It is important that the selected type of hoverboard meets your needs. If you want to navigate uneven ground, forests and rocky paths, opt for an electric all-terrain skateboard. You can also choose a scooter-like electric skateboard with a handle, which is slightly less handy, but much easier to handle. Or an electric skateboard equipped with an overlay with a comfortable seat.

How hoverboard is done and how does it work?

The hoverboard resembles the most famous segways, but is devoid of handlebars. It consists of two platforms that move on the same axis. At the ends there are two parallel wheels. The commands are given through light pressures of the feet, simultaneously or one at a time. Each foot, in fact, commands a wheel and is inclined forward to start and accelerate, back to brake and reverse.

Much more difficult to say than done, in fact, just climb up to understand how to use it … a real “game” as kids!

Hoverboard ideal for children or adults?

The answer is for both!

Hoverboard For children:

An excellent gift idea for your children who will find in the hoverboard an ideal “playmate”. Does your child spend too many hours in front of the computer, on the television or on the internet?

Do not worry because, the moment you receive your first hoverboard, you will not be looking forward to spending days outdoors, moving and interacting with peers. The hoverboard, in fact, increases self-confidence by helping in relationships. Moreover, it is an educational game that increases the reflexes and teaches to be responsible and to follow the first rules of the “road”, how to pay attention to pedestrians.

Obviously, you have to take some small precautions about security:

– Avoid giving a hoverboard to children under the age of 8. Although there are models that go much slower, some reach 20 km / h. A child below that age may have difficulty managing certain speeds.

– Wear the protections (helmet, knee pads, elbows and wrists) at all times.

Educating the child to use the hoverboard, explaining how it is done, how to use it and how to safely load it with electricity.

Hoverboard For adults:

As already mentioned, it is a means of transport also for adults. First and foremost, for the same reasons that the hoverboard is a place for children: absolute fun and an exciting new way to spend your free time.

If this is enough for a child, it is often not for an adult who wants to combine business with pleasure. The hoverboard is a great way to travel short distances in the city, struggling less and being faster than on foot. It can therefore be used for daily commuting and commissions.

Moreover, in the same way as the segway and the classic electric scooters, it can also be used at work, in all those occasions that require frequent and rapid movements as in the port or industrial areas.

It can also be useful for promoters and hostesses who advertise companies or products during events or simply in urban centers. The secret of a good promoter is to attract attention; the hoverboard, which immediately creates curiosity in those who see it, will do it for you without the slightest effort and at that time you can promote your product, offer or company.

The best brands and online prices of Hoverboards

There are many brands of hoverboards, most of them Chinese.

The product was, in fact, invented in China and is still mostly produced in that country. However, this is not synonymous with low quality, indeed!

Prices vary according to construction materials, but usually start at 500$

Top Hoverboard 2021 models

If you are interested in buying a Hoverboard you are in the right place. We tried different models and based on user feedback and our tests we can recommend those that we think are the models of the moment not to be missed!

Here are some of the best models: